Just a Year Later


Every day or so Facebook comes along and reminds me of a picture that I posted last year.  This is definitely one of my favorites!

Given that a year ago we were almost midway through our world journey, it is hard not to reminisce  about the trip.  Now that we have been back for nearly as long as the actual trip, I had a few reflective thoughts…(and since I am back and working, what better way than a bulleted list?)

  • It was and is awesome! Everyone else who can, should try something similar…
  • The world is flatter now than ever before – it is far easier to navigate and find your way in an unknown country than probably ever in human history
  • Even if it is only a few weeks, have a vacation / journey that is more seat of the pants than extensively planned. Don’t try to see everything…Spend more time seeing what you are seeing
  • It was the right time to go.  With the oldest kiddo now in middle school, life/work/school is significantly more complicated
  • The world remains far more inviting and welcoming than one would think upon opening a US newspaper
  • Terrible things have happened in nearly all the countries we visited, but I would probably not hesitate to go back to any of them (maybe use a lot of mosquito repellent in Brazil now though)
  • We should have stayed away from the US longer in order to avoid all the election garbage
  • I should have written more while I was on the trip…it is much harder after the fact


(We were on day 103 of the total 257 of the trip)

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