Rohan’s letter to friends – Feb 2016

    Hi everybody
How are you doing? How is school going?
In my last e-mail I told you about Greece, Egypt, and India. In this e-mail I will tell you about Sri Lanka, Thailand and Cambodia.

This guy is rubbing fire on himself. That must hurt
This guy is walking on fire. I think he is cheating somehow.






From India we went to Sri Lanka. My favorite place we went to in Sri Lanka, was a turtle sanctuary. At the turtle sanctuary we learned that if they don’t take care of the baby turtles then only 2% of them survive to adulthood.

These are some little baby turtles

Although, if they do take care of them for the first 3 days of their lives then 50% of them survive to adulthood. Another noteworthy thing we did in Sri Lanka was going to see a cultural show. My favorite part of the show was when the performers rubbed a lit torch all over their arms and then walked on fire. We also went to an elephant orphanage. There were a lot of elephants there and we got to feed some of them bananas. And those are some

This is me feeding an elephant a banana, peel and all.

things we did in Sri Lanka.

After Sri Lanka we flew to Thailand. In Bangkok,

This is me with the giant gold Buddha. It doesn’t look crowded but what you don’t see are the 1000s of Chinese tourists here for Chinese new year


which is the capital of Thailand, we saw a 151 foot long reclining Buddha statue that was gilded with gold! Another cool place we went to was the Chatuchac weekend market, which is one of the biggest

Yum yum fried scorpion (I actually didn’t try it)

weekend markets in the world. We also went to Khao San road where we saw street side stalls with fried scorpion, grasshopper, cricket, and even snake! Would you eat any of those if you had the chance?

This is us with Angkor Wat while we all burn up in the 104 degree weather

After Thailand we went to Cambodia. In Cambodia we saw the temple of Angkor Wat which is the largest religious complex in the world. It was built around 1000 c.e. by a Hindu king as a Hindu temple. Then the king of the 12th century who was Buddhist, also made some Buddha temples. Then another king  came and decided he didn’t want any

This is the sunrise that I woke up at 4:45 am to see. This is all that it was

Buddhas so he defaced all of the remaining Buddhas. To this day most of the Buddhas are still defaced. In the Angkor Wat area there was another temple known as the Temple of the Trees. It is called this because it has trees growing all over and through it. If you have seen the Tomb Raider

This is Ashna and I with our clones outside the temple of the trees

movie then you may recognize it. It didn’t start off with trees growing through it, but since nobody really took care of it, it was overgrown by trees. Another cool place we went was the Floating Village. The houses there appear to be floating on the water, but they are really on stilts. And those are some things that we did in Cambodia.

No this picture was not photo shopped, if you would like to know how we did it, then ask in an email.

Right now we are in Indonesia which I will tell you about in my next e-mail.

From Rohan


  1. Absolutely love reading about these places from your point of view. I would have wanted to try some of the crazy food you saw on Thailand streets but am not sure if I really could put it in my mouth and swallow it. However, I have tried silkworm pupae at a North East Indian friends place, and like Pumbaa said in the Lion King,It was Slimy yet satisfying…


  2. I enjoyed reading and looking @ the pictures, with all your description we can’t wait to see that part of the world.


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