Rohan Shah – December 2015 Email

Hi everyone

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 How are you doing? How has school been going?

         In my last e-mail I told you about south Africa and Italy. In this e-mail I will tell you about Greece and Egypt.

          The first place that we went in Greece was the Acropolis. The Acropolis includes the Temple of Nike (pronounced like the brand name), and also the very famous Parthenon. Sadly the Parthenon is in ruins. This is because it started off as a Greek temple then some Christians came along and converted it into a church, destroying most of the depictions of gods. Then some Muslims came along and converted it into a mosque after the Turkish took over Athens, and built a minaret on it. Next a missile hit it right in the center during a war and blew up the middle. After that some British guy came and with the permission of the Turkish guy who was in charge then took pieces of it to the British museum which is where they still are today.

          From Athens we flew to one of Greece’s islands called Mykonos. Mykonos itself wasn’t too interesting but from Mykonos we took a day long trip to another island called Delos. On Delos we saw some really old lion statues and some ruins. Then we took a 4 hour long boat back to Athens and from there we flew to Egypt.

          The next place we went was Cairo, Egypt. My two favorite things we did in Cairo was riding horses around the Pyramids of Giza and the Pharaonic Village. Did you know that the pyramids were built in the year 2000 B.C.E. ! The one for Cheops (the biggest one) used over 2,000,000 stone blocks that weighed about 2 metric tonnes each! At the Pharaonic Village I thought that it was really cool because you could see people doing the thigs of everyday life back in Ancient Egypt, as your boat went around an island in the middle of the Nile. Then you could get out on the island and see things like a life-size recreation of king Tutankhamun’s tomb.

          After Cairo we went to Luxor which is also in Egypt. My favorite things that we did in Luxor was going to Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut temple, and Banana Island. Valley of the Kings is where all of the pharaohs who didn’t get a big fancy pyramid were buried. They have excavated the tombs so now you are allowed to walk into them. It is really cool because you can see all of the paintings on the walls and roof. You can also see how all of the tombs were carved into the valley without any big machinery. I don’t have a picture of that since we weren’t allowed to. Also in Luxor we went to the Temple to Hatshepsut who was the first female Pharaoh. The temple that remains today is a complete reconstruction after all the men who didn’t approve of a female ruler smashed it to bits. The last place that I feel like mentioning is Banana Island. We took a felucca (which is a type of sailboat) to Banana Island. On Banana Island we saw a bunch of banana trees and at the end of our tour we got to eat some really good bananas. And that is what we did in Luxor

          The last place we went in Egypt was a resort in Hurghada. The resort it was really fun because they had a bunch of water slides and restaurants with cuisines from all over the world. Also while in the resort we went on a glass bottom boat tour in the red sea. On the boat tour we went over many coral reefs so we could look through the glass bottom and see a lot of fish. We also got to go snorkeling off the boat and that was fun because when you jumped in the water the fish swam all around you. The boat also took you to a spot that was really far from land, but was so shallow that my feet could touch. Then we went back to the resort.


          After Egypt we flew to India which is where we are now. My favorite thing that we have done in India so far was going to see the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is where Shah Jahan had his wife buried. It was a perfect example of symmetry until he had himself buried next to her and messed up the whole symmetry thing. Also when we took a trip to Delhi we figured out that the air quality is so bad that you can hardly see 100 feet in front of you. That is pretty much all we have done so far in India. Right now we are chilling with family, but if we do any thing else cool then will tell you.




From Rohan

P.S. The e-mails that I send are highly abbreviated, but if you wat more detail you can check out my dad’s blog at:

That has a daily record of what we did from day 1 of our trip through Paris.


P.P.S. I have sent some post cards out in the mail so if you get one please tell me. Also if you haven’t got one please tell me cause I am trying to get one to every one who this e-mail is going to.


P.P.P.S. I totally tricked you with the fake link. It is fake so don’t get upset if it doesn’t work. You do have to go into the search engine and type that in because I have no idea how to make a real link.


P.P.P.P.S. you are so lucky that star wars came out on the 18 for you. Here in India we have to wait till the 25 because of all the Bollywood movies showing.

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