Lend me an ear?

If anyone hasn’t yet noticed, I’m having a freakishly hard time staying up to date with the blog. In fact, i started back-dating my entries so I didn’t look so bad, but that only messed up the facebook stuff.  With all the links between wordpress, intstgram, facebook, flickr, etc., I can no longer fudge the date that I actually post stuff.

In fact i mess things up more when i revise stuff on instagram or wordpress as the revision won’t show up on facebook.  In normal land, i would have figured this all out long before we left.  But here we are.

So – here we are!  The picture is from walking the streets around Miraflores in Lima.  Miraflores is an incredibly clean and safe part of Lima as I mentioned elsewhere.  We didn’t actually buy any of the earrings, but they look cool!


One comment

  1. Love the photos and the updates. What an assortment of earrings! Love the posts when you have time, but I think that we are keeping you quite busy. Enjoy your travels and your family! Cheers – Cathy

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