The Big Trip…

Our Gap Year…
The Trip of a Lifetime…
The One Year Vacation…
Around The World in (almost) 300 Days…

So this is it…We’re finally moving forward on our trip around the world!

The house is rented, the plane tickets purchased…Now we’re scrambling with visas, passports and immunizations (more later).

So why? The internet is littered with individuals that have successfully traveled around the globe over the course of twelve months or longer. In the process, they’ve managed to have amazing experiences many of the rest of us only dream of. There are far fewer stories of families that have managed to do anything similar, but it is a rapidly growing list.  The types of families range from those with infants to those with teenagers.

That doesn’t really answer why…The why is more because we can and we want to.  It started as an idea years ago and grew with time….With family in India who have not been afforded as much time with the kids as those who are stateside, it is sort of started to become ‘now or never.’ And really, what is point of amassing a ton of wealth to travel when the kids are on their own (in college) and we’re older and more feeble? Why not travel with them? Sure it may limit our ability to see everything ~ but we can always travel again!

Somewhere between being in my twenties and managing to take 2 and 3 month long backpacking trips to South America and Asia / South Pacific and getting married and having kids — the ability to take an extended trip just vanished.

Vanished is probably too strong — it became more challenging. As the liabilities associated with raising kids, planning for college and retirement, and owning a house started to pile up, it becomes increasingly difficult to leave well paying jobs.

But that’s what we’re doing. We’re not going to be staying in any Four Seasons (or even in Europe much), but we’re not tent camping to keep our costs low. It’s a “comfortable” budget….

Who We Are —  We’re a suburban Boulder, Colorado family of four with family in both the US and India. The wife (Laxmi), the ten-year old boy (Rohan) the eight-year old girl (Ashna), and Neal — the dad. We live in a great neighborhood, kids go to a great school (really, it is). Truthfully, the town of Superior is a nice bedroom community.  Not the most pedestrian friendly, but the people are nice.

Why Now? Really this is toughest and also easiest question to answer. The only response I have is “Why not now,” which is a weak response at best…


  1. Love all your reasons and rationale! I agree why wait! But to coordinate all the logistics for a family of four is no small feat!!! I like your attitude about traveling with kids, you can’t see everything but so what. It’s a good way to think about it.


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